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Hello there! My name is Laura Herlant. I’m a passionate and experienced manager of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and data science professionals.

I got my start in ML and AI through the application of robotics. Through my PhD at Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science and Robotics I was exposed to robotic manipulation, control theory, planning, and computer vision. At the crux of many breakthroughs in each of these domains is machine learning (and often deep learning). Through hands-on applications during my time as a Sr. Robotics Research Scientist at iRobot, I have had the opportunity to transition ML and AI algorithms from research to production at scale.

Interested in the business operations as well as product development, I took on starting the Enterprise Data Science team where I work closely with the executive team and internal business stakeholders to develop a variety of projects ranging from demand forecasting to customer journey dynamics.

Deep Learning

Tensorflow 1.X & 2.0
ray, tune, rllib


Python 2/3
C and C++

Soft Skills

Agile Development
Excellent Communicator
Recruiting and Interviewing




Ph.D. in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon
B.E. in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech

10+ years on the job

Years of hand-on, relevant, post-baccalaureate experience


Google Hertz Foundation Fellowship
NSF Fellowship


My Blog

Some things I do in my free time
Walking Path Optimization
During the pandemic, I took the opportunity to take regular walks in my neighborhood. I found this a great time to unwind and also explore the area I live in. After a few weeks,…

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About me

Passionate to make a difference, excited by technology

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Presently in the greater Boston area, but the world is a wide place

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